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Adults over 18 years old who live with bladder, bowel or pelvic floor dysfunction and are registered with a Kingston Borough GP can be referred for an assessment by this specialist team. An initial assessment will be carried out by a competent healthcare professional who will discuss your symptoms and explore a range of lifestyle and treatment options.

Initial assessments and follow-up appointments are offered on week days only. We are closed on Bank Holidays.

Patients are requested to complete a 3-day frequency volume chart which is then brought to their initial appointment. Patients are welcome to bring a family member, carer or friend. You can also request a formal chaperone if you wish for someone to be present during the appointment.

Patients who attend an initial assessment may be offered the following tests:

• Weight
• Blood pressure
• Blood sugar testing
• Dipsticks urinalysis
• Uroflowmetry
• Bladder scanning
• Abdominal examination
• Pelvic floor assessment

During your assessment, the nurse will provide advice and offer management/treatment options that may help to improve any bladder or bowel symptoms, these may include:

• Fluid, lifestyle and weight management advice
• Bladder retraining techniques
• Management of constipation advice
• Toileting programs
• Bladder and Bowel medication suggestions reported to your GP
• Patients may be referred back to their GP for further options and/or referral to Consultant
• Pelvic Floor Therapies, including Biofeedback and tailored exercise programmes

You may also be eligible for the prescription of incontinence pads however this will only be considered when all other strategies for promoting continence have failed.

Your Healthcare’s Urology, Colorectal and Continence Service can make a pad contribution to support your clinical need based on holistic assessment. Products are only provided for moderate to severe incontinence and are prescribed from a specific range of products. Patients requesting products that are not on this range will have to arrange their own supply.

Existing patients will be invited to a review appointment based on clinical need, this is to assess for any changes in health and to review products provided. Non-attendance will result in product deliveries being suspended until a review appointment has been completed. Patients are able to request these reviews sooner than scheduled if there are significant changes in symptoms.

(for GP and health care professionals  only)

Hollyfield House
22 Hollyfield Road

T: 020 8274 7501

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