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Your Healthcare CIC was awarded by NHS England in Apr 2017 to provide Child Health Information Service to South West London regions:

  • Croydon

  • Kingston

  • Merton

  • Sutton
  • Richmond

  • Wandsworth

CHIS is collating information from variety of sources for all children aged 0 – 19 who are either resident in SWL region or registered with a SWL GP Practice into a single Child Health Record.

The health records of children and young adults aged 0 – 19 years old include birth details and screening and immunisation information that they receive in different stages of their age - in line with the healthy child programme. This information is used to assist responsible Health Care Professionals in the delivery of care, public health services and safeguarding interventions.

The main strategy vision is to:

  • Knowing where every child is and how healthy they are
  • Providing appropriate access to information for all involved in the care of children

Child Health Information Service receives information from the following care settings:

  • SWL Maternity Units (Croydon University Hospital, St George’s Hospital, St Helier Hospital & Kingston Hospital): Responsible for transferring the Pregnancy notification, Hep B status of the expected mother, Births, New born Physical Examinations, 1st Hep B Vaccination details & BCG Vaccination details
  • Independent Midwifes: Responsible for informing CHIS of any home births
  • London Pathology Labs: Responsible for sending New born bloodspot screening results
  • SWL New born Hearing Screening Programme Provider: Responsible for sending New born hearing screening results
  • SWL GP Practices: Responsible for submitting children’s immunisation details
  • SWL 0 – 19 Child Health Services (Health Visiting & School Nursing) : Responsible for investigating any missing health information
  • School Aged Vaccination Providers: Responsible for sending school immunisation records
  • Out of London CHIS: Responsible for notifying SWL CHIS of any movement in or out family and children.

Local Authority: Responsible for transmitting school class list and Child Protection and Children Looked after information

SWL Child Health Information Service Privacy Notice

What we offer:

  • Point of contact for Birth Units wishing to report a new birth.

  • Supporting delivery of the National Screening programme.

  • Provide data for Public Health statutory returns

  • Respond to GP and parent requests for immunisation information.

  • Secure transfer of records to other child health services.

  • Enable health professionals to access up-to-date information on children.

  • Provide a main point of contact for issues relating to child health data.

Contact us:

We are based at Hollyfield House, 22 Hollyfield Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT5 9AL.

Department Email Address:

Tel: 020 8339 8012

Marjan Daneshpour - Head of Information and Child Health

Elaine Bramwell - Child Health Team Lead

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