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The falls service provides information, assessment, advice and treatment for people who

  • have fallen in the last 12 months OR
  • are at risk of falls OR
  • are fearful of falling

To be seen by the falls service people must be

  • over 65 years old
  • registered with a Kingston GP
  • able to walk indoors without supervision (they may use any walking aid)

The falls service is physiotherapy led service, any medical investigations would have to be carried out by your GP.

Our aims are

  • to reduce the risk of falls among older people in Kingston
  • to improve their  health and mobility
  • to help them maintain their independence

We work closely with other professionals in health and social care as well as with voluntary organisations in order to deliver an integrated service.

If you are worried about falling, please visit your GP. If your GP is concerned that you may be at risk of fall you will be referred to the falls service for a more detailed assessment.

Please call and enquire regarding falls prevention services on 0208 274 7103.

Your assessment may be at home, in clinic or over the telephone, and will cover the physical, medical and environmental factors that contribute to your risk of falling. Dealing with these issues can prevent future falls, make you safer in your home and boost your confidence when you are out and about.  We may ask your GP to see you for a medical review or an occupational therapist to visit you to help make your home safer.

The Physiotherapist may recommend our 10 week exercise program which run in different venues across the borough, If you are unable to attend these classes because you are housebound, you look after someone at home or health concerns linked to Covid-19, the  physiotherapist may offer you a home exercise program, this is a 3 month exercise program with 5 home visit from the falls prevention service.

The falls service is based at:

Hollyfield House

22 Hollyfield Road

Surbiton KT5 9AL

Telephone:      020 8274 7088 (for referrals)

                        020 8274 7103 (for enquiries)

E-mail:            SPA@yourhealthcare.org


  • Birthe Dahl Andersen, Falls Prevention Service Lead
  • Sam Piper, Clinical Exercise Specialist
  • Kelly Lavery, Clinical Exercise Specialist
  • Anna De Rossi, Clinical Exercise Specialist

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