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The Cedars Unit at Tolworth Hospital has has now moved to the Cedars at Grace Anderson ward at Teddington Memorial Hospital.

It has 25 beds, providing nurse/therapy-led rehabilitation for adult patients in Kingston.

Patients are either admitted from home or from a local acute hospital, (such as Kingston Hospital) and include patients requiring stroke rehabilitation and those who require short term care such as intravenous fluids or medication, blood transfusion.

Patients are admitted who require rehabilitation, with an individual programme of care to enable them to fulfil their rehabilitation potential and independence. This includes the physical, psychological and social aspects of rehabilitation with the ultimate aim of each patient returning to their own home.

The visiting hours are:

  • 2pm - 4.30pm and
  • 6.30pm - 8pm

The new number for the ward at Teddington Memorial Hospital is: 020 8714 4200.

Outpatients therapies may be one-to-one appointments or group sessions such as the Falls Prevention Programme and balance group. There is also some speech and language therapy for adult outpatients, with the remainder provided at Kingston Hospital.

Most outpatient appointments are based at Surbiton Health Centre such as mulsculoskeletal physiotherapy, podiatry, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

The address is:

Surbiton Health Centre
Ewell Road
Surbiton, Surrey

Patients will be contacted individually about their appointments.

The team comprises of GPs, nurses, health care assistants, ward receptionists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, a dietician, social workers and psychology staff. Therapists are now based at Hollyfield House and are managed by a principal therapist. There is also an on-site gynasium for patients at Hollyfield House.

The therapy services serving the wards are part of the wider adult therapies service that works within Your Healthcare's integrated services. They also dovetail with the therapists in other local hospitals and the therapists working in health and social services in Kingston and neighbouring boroughs.

Cedars at Grace Anderson Ward
Teddington Memorial Hospital
Hampton Road
TW11 0JL

Opening hours are:

  • 2pm - 4.30pm
  • 6.30pm - 8pm

Ann Warren, Clinical Lead Nurse 
Andy Hamilton, Principal Therapist 

The new telephone number is: 020 8714 4200

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