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Who we are and how we help
The Cardiac Rehabilitation team cares for people with heart disease. Our aim is to empower people to self-manage their condition, recover from an acute cardiac event and optimise cardiac health. We are made up of specialist nurses, a physiotherapist and cardiac exercise instructors.

Our services
We conduct individualised telephone or video assessments and develop a tailored rehab plan offering cardiac exercise, education and relaxation training.We offer telephone and video calls, web-based programmes, exercise videos, a walking programme, education and support via Microsoft Teams and home visits where needed. Typically, people spend 2-3 months on their rehab programme. After a final assessment on completion of the programme we handover to GP and PN for long term management.

We take referrals for Kingston residents from secondary care and primary care providers including GPs and NHS Trusts. You can also refer yourself by contacting us directly – to find out more please contact us:

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