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Who we are and how we help
The Cardiac Rehabilitation team cares for people with heart disease. Our aim is to empower people to self-manage their condition, recover from an acute cardiac event and optimise cardiac health.

The service offers an evidence based Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Programme which is proven to help you recover from a heart problem, improve your physical health and your quality of life.

All programmes offer:
• Cardiovascular Exercise
• Education
• Risk Factor Management
• Stress Management and Relaxation
• Support

Our services 
All of our programmes start with an individual assessment, either face-to-face, by phone or video consultation, and we will work with you to set some goals and choose from the programmes available. During your programme we continue to offer support. At the end we perform a final assessment and liaise with your other healthcare providers about ongoing care and needs.

We conduct individualised telephone or video assessments and develop a tailored rehab plan offering cardiac exercise, education and relaxation training. We offer telephone and video calls, web-based programmes, exercise videos, a walking programme, education and support via Microsoft Teams and home visits where needed. Typically, people spend 2-3 months on their rehab programme. After a final assessment on completion of the programme we liaise with other healthcare providers, such as GPs, about ongoing care and needs.


Rehab@Home Education Programme
This 6-week programme offers online education sessions via Zoom. You can either sit and listen or take the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topics.
1. Heart Disease and Treatments
2. Medication for the Heart
3. Risk Factors for CHD and how to make successful lifestyle changes
4. Healthy Eating
5. Exercise for a Healthy Heart
6. Psychological Effects of Heart Disease

The Heart Manual
The Heart Manual is an 6 week evidence-based programme for individuals recovering from myocardial infarction (Heart Attack or MI) or revascularisation (angioplasty, stents or bypass graft surgery)

You will be given a book or an online login to a website with a wealth of information to help you. We will follow you up by phone during the programme. This pathway can also be accompanied by additional exercise videos or a written exercise plan.
See this Youtube video for more information or search for 'Digital Heart Manual introduction'.

Reach Heart Failure Programme
This is a 12-week structured programme for people who have a diagnosis of Heart Failure. You will be given a book with lots of information about living with Heart Failure. We will follow you up by phone during the programme. This pathway can also be accompanied by additional exercise videos or a written exercise plan.

Exercise Programme
You may enjoy exercising with others, if so this 6-week programme may be for you. During the programme you will be challenged to increase your weekly exercise.

Whichever programme you choose we are here to support you. We will contact you at regular intervals and you can contact us as needed.

We take referrals for Kingston residents from secondary care and primary care providers including GPs and NHS Trusts. You can also refer yourself by contacting us directly – to find out more please contact us:

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