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Occupational therapy enables people to achieve health, well-being and life satisfaction through participation in purposeful activities of daily living.

Our aim is to help patients with a wide variety of conditions to maximise their independence as possible with purposeful everyday activities of daily within their home environment and local community.

We achieve this by;

  • Working closely with the multi-disciplinary team within Community and Acute Hospitals, Community Health Professionals, colleagues in Social Services and the voluntary sector to assist timely and safe discharges home from hospital and prevent admission.
  • Providing assessment, information, advice, and treatment for adults with a recent alteration to their physical ability to rehabilitate them back to their previous level of independence with meaningful activities of daily living. 
  • Setting specific rehabilitation goals to work towards in collaboration between the Occupational Therapist and client. i.e., Independence with washing and dressing, preparing a hot drink or meal. 
  • Providing advice and support for alternative engagement techniques. 
  • Providing opportunities to practice skills under the supervision and support from Occupational Therapy Assistants and Enablers/Rehabilitation Assistance to build confidence and well as skills.
  • Utilising equipment and small aids as a rehabilitation tool.
  • Providing training, advice and support for carers and family members as appropriate.
  • Provide signposting support and guidance to appropriate voluntary/3rd sector services.

We provide our service within patients’ homes for the following:-

  • Post -Orthopaedic surgery
  • Falls with or without a fracture
  • Post – hospital admission where the patient has not yet reached their normal level of independence. 
  • Musculo-skeletal conditions
  • Acute/short-term ill health not requiring hospital admission for treatment.

The Integrated Occupational Therapy Service support those who are;

  • 18 years and older.
  • Registered to a Kingston GP.
  • Consented to referral.
  • No previous package of care.
  • Motivated to engage with rehabilitation process.
  • Experiencing short-term ill health or injury [i.e., fall, fractures, post-operative, acute infection]. 
  • Expected to regain some level of independence.

Community - Patients who feel they would benefit from our service should discuss with their GP or other health care professional who will make a referral on your behalf if appropriate. 

Patients being discharged from hospital are referred to us by the hospital Occupational Therapist.

All referrals are made through the Single Point of Access as are screened by a Duty Occupational Therapist is respect to the service referral criteria and service capacity. 

Our team consists of qualified Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistance, and Rehabilitation Assistants.

We are based at:- Hollyfield House, Hollyfield Road, Surbiton, KT5 9AL.

Team Lead: Noel Honeywill

Tel: 020 8274 7088


Single Point of Access

Tel: 020 8274 7088

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